A quintessential Italian tradition
since 1984

The company

Innovation is our main goal

Always one step ahead of market trends

All our products are manufactured in Italy
We are a leading Italian company in the development and manufacturing of metal parts for the eyewear industry. Since our establishment in 1984, technological innovation has been our main goal and we have continued to invest and commit significant resources in research and development. This allowed us to become a reliable partner, capable of anticipating market demands and exceeding clients’ expectations. All IDEAL products are made in Italy at our 10,000 square-metre manufacturing plant in Quero (Belluno).
An added value for the future
Eyewear is an extraordinary industry, where every year thousands of new stylish, elegant, and casual models complement the looks of people from all over the world.
Ideal participates in this great venture with a highly valuable contribution: ongoing innovation and utmost precision in mechanical engineering.
Ideal is a company that supplies eyewear parts to clients both large and small, innovative and traditional.
And this is made possible thanks to our great tradition.
Since 1984 we have been manufacturing all our products in Italy, in our plant.
We firmly believe in the quality of Italian workmanship and in the importance of personal relations.
Our workers and collaborators are the hearth of our company. They are the people who turn our vision into reality, driving the constant development and competitiveness of the cluster. Potential and talent are two key values that ​​we keep promoting by training and treasuring our staff, making sure that our  mission becomes part of their life, too.
The principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and integrity are essential to achieve our economic, productive, social, and environmental goals. These principles underpin the relationship between our company and all of its stakeholders. Our clients can benefit from a traceable production chain, a perfectly controlled supply chain, and the adherence of all our suppliers to our Code of Ethics. We invest in the competitiveness of the cluster, supporting any personal and professional relations that make our region a technological and innovative centre for the eyewear worldwide.
These values led us to request, among the first companies in the industry, the ISO 14001 environmental management certification, which we obtained in 2015. In fact, there can be no competitiveness for our cluster in the long term without respect for the territory around it. We promote any actions aimed at preventing pollution through constant monitoring of activities and improvement of production processes to ensure environmental sustainability.
Our Code of Ethics
Our Code of Ethics is an integral part of our business culture, a tool that helps us preserve the value and integrity of our company over time. We have decided to adopt and share the set of principles and rules of conduct that have always inspired our way of doing business.
Our Code of Ethics embodies the key values that we embrace in our daily business with all stakeholders, i.e. consistency, transparency, and lawfulness.