Innovation and quality.
Our ongoing mission.

We never stop innovating.
Our competitiveness on the market is strictly connected to innovation. We invest in patents every year and encourage our R&D colleagues to think and create outside the box.
Our inclination to innovation and the excellent results obtained are born of the attitude, dedication, and passion that inspire the Ideal team to find new and unconventional solutions every day.
For us, innovation also means being at the service of beauty, paying attention to comfort and aesthetics without ever forgoing product quality and performance.
Our certifications
Ideal has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and was the first company in the industry to obtain the ISO 14001 environmental management certification in November 2015.
The high quality of our products is also guaranteed by compliance with industry standards, as well as international regulations such as REACH, Proposition 65 and No Conflict Minerals.
Ideal has chosen to manufacture its products in Italy, in its Quero plant, using extremely reliable production processes and adopting best practices that guarantee high performance and cost efficiency.
Quality as an
operating standard
We perform product validation tests and all our components yield the highest levels of durability and reliability over time, including in extreme conditions. This is the result of our attention to the design phase, care in the choice of materials, accurate and detailed manufacturing processes, and rigorous product laboratory tests.
We contribute to our clients’ reputation by offering durable and performing hinges for trustworthy finished products.
  • Temples and mechanisms undergo our in-house endurance test which simulates the most critical conditions of use of glasses.
  • Our mechanisms are tested to withstand over 50,000 complete cycles.
  • All our joints can withstand tensile stresses of over 25kgf.
  • Our mechanisms undergo combined extra-bending, side bending and rotation tests to ensure maximum reliability.
We are a specialized technology hub Cold forming

Chip removal

Precision casting
Ideal can meet any clients’ requirements by choosing the most suitable production technology on the basis of the geometric complexity, the needed quantity or the timing set for the launch on the market.
We are proud to offer
our clients a
comprehensive service.
Product finishing is achieved through in-house tumbling, welding, assembly, plying, bending, and cleaning. Additionally, we offer the following surface finishing treatments:
  • Galvanic coating
  • Painting
  • Enamel painting
  • Laser cutting